Yes, Commercial Finance is Still Available!

Do you want to buy some property, extend or renovate an existing one or build anything from a single dwelling to a major residential or industrial estate? We may be well into a recession now and it's a fact that a lot of traditional lenders have cut back on lending very considerably but financial institutions still have to make a living and that means constantly looking for new business, so money is still out there (at least, for those who know where to look!) if the project is viable and the potential borrower has some self generated funds available to invest in it as well. With several decades of experience in arranging finance for land, buildings and business Apple Mortgages Limited may be the ideal people to help you raise the finance for your next project.

It would be easy to offer unrealistic figures in order to attract clients but it has to be accepted that the days of easy money with tiny deposits is over at least for the time being and anyone who says otherwise is at best misguided. However, it can still be possible to obtain a tailor made commercial loan package with the following benefits for the right proposition:

  • Up to 75% of either the purchase price or the valuation by a professional, qualified valuer (whichever figure is the lower) could be advanced.

  • Lending periods could be between two years and 30 years

  • A choice between fixed or variable interest rates

  • No practical limit to the amount advanced

  • Repayment holidays can be negotiated

  • Interest repayable by negotiation on a monthly or quarterly basis

  • A choice of fixed or variable mortgage interest rates

  • If your proposed loan is over 100,000 an interest rate linked to base rates is possible

  • If your loan was over 250,000 it would be possible to have protection against excessive interest rate increases

  • You could benefit from a fast, friendly and straightforward service with an absolute minimum of fuss and red tape

Interested? Then let's have a chat, and we will see what we can produce for your from our extensive network of lenders; You can give us a ring right away on

0800 083 7747

We promise that your call will be answered by a real person, NOT a machine

Alternatively, if you prefer it you could send us a few details of what you are looking for in an and we'll get right back to you.

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