Employers Liability Cover

One of the greatest reasons for employee liability claims is due to an employee become injured or ill on the job. That's why, unless you are the sole owner of a business or employee a close relative as staff, you must have Employers Liability Insurance in the United Kingdom. This type of insurance generally offers 5 million or more of cover should a claim against your business be filed by an employee. It is not an option. Employer Liability Insurance is mandatory, and as a business owner, if you don't have it you could be fined at least a couple thousand pounds a day until you can provide authorities with the proper certificate of insurance.

This insurance not only applies to regular staff employees, but could also applies to volunteers, self employed and others working for your business. In the United Kingdom, Employers Liability Insurance can seem complicated, because even though a business might hire someone as a consultant or self-employed, that person or persons are still entitled to many of a full-time employee's rights when it comes to filing a claim.

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Insurance Choice can provide you with Liability Insurance to completely protect you and your business if there was a personal injury or property damage claim from a member of the public or one of your employees. Their Liability Insurance offers levels of cover from 1,000,000 to 5,000,000 with Employers Liability Insurance cover (which is a legal necessity in most cases) at a level of 10,000,000 as standard. Liability Insurance cover is also provided for events, Parties and even outdoor activites.

Insurance Choice are authorised and regulated by the FSA (Financial Services Authority) number 452767

Accidents at Work

If an employee is injured whilst on the job or becomes ill because of the work he or she does, a claim for compensation will most likely always be filed. That's why it is extremely important for an employer to provide a safe as workplace as possible for all employees to avoid excessive injuries or illness that is job related. This means that equipment must be inspected and deemed safe, employees are trained and properly supervised by a competent staff, and the environment in which they work in is safe. The most common employee claims originate from an unsafe workplace, which can include damaged or wet floors, as well as damaged stairways.

Other than injury or illness, a substantial number of claims are filed by employees for what is considered unfair dismissal. Any employer in the UK must have a legitimate and fair reason for dismissing any individual and can include retirement, capability, conduct, breaking legalities or other major reasons. A strict procedure for dismissal has to be followed by the employer in order to terminate the employee in question. If the procedure is not followed, the employee can, in turn file for unfair treatment or for dismissal. Other fairly frequent claims by employees include discrimination based on age, race or disability for example. Paternity and maternity leaves often create an issue for an employer and/or an employee and redundancy issues should a company be in financial jeopardy are also frequently seen as reasons for employee claims.

Perhaps the best way to avoid employee claims is to make sure you know the employees you are hiring. You should have files on each and every employee with copies of their references, employment contract and the offer letter for the position they hold. The contract should clearly define the employee's relationship to the business, including his or her hours, wages and benefits.

In the United Kingdom, as in most places, it is people that cost businesses the most money, as well as carry the greatest risk to a business, so Employers Liability Insurance is extremely important to have, no matter how small your company is.

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