Home Insurance - Not So Simple!

Home insurance is one of those boring products which none of us really want to think about - until things go wrong when it can be the most important financial package under the Sun! A little bit of time spent checking up on some of the, perhaps, less exciting features in your next policy may make all the difference between staying in the comfort zone and facing financial disaster when the unexpected happens. For instance: one of my neighbours had a blockage in the drains under his drive and he thought it was covered by his home insurance policy. He was wrong - accidental damage was covered, blockage was not so he had to pay the full cost of digging up most of his drive, digging out the tree roots that had caused the problem, renewing several metres of piping, and re-laying the drive at a cost of several thousand pounds. Two years later the disturbed ground has settled leaving a large pool of water about six inches deep and the builder has long gone - another huge bill beckons. Now if he'd parked a large car on the drive and the weight of it had crushed the piping below he would have been covered - but he didn't and he wasn't. As another example; we don't expect earthquakes in the UK but a short while ago we had an minor one here in South Manchester which luckily caused our own home no damage but it was covered by our house insurance policy anyhow - are you coved for this by YOURS? There is no such thing as a 'standard' house insurance policy; each company has different options and different costs, so the moral is: don't just look for the lowest price, check up on what is, and what isn't covered too - unexpected things DO happen.

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