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As an owner of a business in the United Kingdom, you are probably well aware that your company needs to be insured for any catastrophes including flood, theft and fires, but what about protection against litigation? Those costs can be devastating. If your company doesn't have a lawyer on staff or human resources personnel that can deal with the laws of employment, you should look into commercial legal protection cover.

Whether you are a sole owner of a business with one or two employees or of a large company with many employees, commercial legal protection is a wise insurance option. Today's business environment is extremely complex, and those complexities are growing by the day. In the United Kingdom and throughout Europe, there has been an ever increasing rise in legislation for businesses; so much so; legal protection insurers and solicitors are spending numerous hours just trying to keep up with all the legalities. In addition, the public in general is more aware of their legal rights, and many more legal actions against companies are coming to be.

When a company has to assume legal fees, tax inquiries or unexpected compensation awards, the financial stability of the business can be severely compromised. It truly is necessary to consider the status of the changing business climate and take out a commercial legal protection policy to cover and protect your company from the huge legal fees it could face. This type of cover offers you as an owner protection and the ability to defend your rights when it comes to employee controversy, supplier disputes, tax inquiries and other company related legal issues.

Qualified commercial legal protection solicitors will usually charge a manageable fee for expert advice and services regarding tax investigations, contractual disputes, industrial tribunal and the cost of legal defence. They usually offer free legal advice, help with wrongful arrest and what it will take to protection your property from legal disputes.

How Commercial Legal Protection Insurance Can Help
In cases of employment disputes such as sexual discrimination, a qualified solicitor will be appointed to represent the employer at a Employment Tribunal. Any incurred legal fees, which can not be recovered will usually be paid for by the insurer.

Should a business owner be investigated for a tax issue and a full inquiry follows, an insurer will usually appoint an accountant to review the company's accounts and identify what needs to be rectified, and the accountant's fees covered by the policy.

Employment Issues
Legislation employment laws can be quite complex and are more reasons why commercial legal protection insurance is most likely a necessity. For example, Employment Act 2000 brought forth additional rights for part-time workers and maternity and parental leave for employees, and the Working Time Regulations and National Minimum Wage Act has offered employees additional rights. Commercial legal protection insurance will most likely cover specialized employment auditing to make sure a company is protected against a variety of employment issues in order to minimise any claims filed. This can include online support and legal helplines.

Unlike earlier days, when commercial legal insurers entered the picture when a financial claim occurred to underwrite the risk, today's commercial legal solicitors take advantage of risk management tools that are available in order to lessen the chances of a policyholder ever becoming involved in a legal dispute. Many will usually offer guidelines to follow on issues dealing with debt recover, employment and taxes. Qualified will likely offer what type of action an owner should or can take legally to handle a case or what requirements are necessary under new legislation to comply in hopes of winning a case. Sound legal advice is many times the first contact any policyholder has before a claim is made. Without the security of commercial legal protection insurance, whether a case is won or not, under the tribunal system, costs can't be recovered.

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