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Buying car insurance on a temporary basis

Do you need to insure a car short term for a brief holiday, to cover you whilst your own vehicle is off the road for a short time, or for some other temporary purpose? If you need to borrow another car for a short period, or lend your own to someone else temporarily, and there was an accident, would your day to day vehicle insurance policy cover you? Even if you were covered, would this coverage be comprehensive insurance, or just third party only, leaving you to pay heavy uninsured vehicle repair bills? When you need cover for a car or light van for a limited period of time, say a few days or weeks, there is no need to buy a full year's insurance because temporary, short term vehicle insurance is now readily available.

If you buy a short term or temporary car insurance policy, and there is a car accident involving the insured vehicle, the claim is usually made against the temporary insurer not your main insurance company. This means that you can keep an existing no claims bonus from your main insurer. Coverage is comprehensive for driving within the UK (EU cover is third party only but can be upgraded to comprehensive as an optional extra) so damage to your own vehicle should be covered too.

One of the main advantages of insuring a car or van on a short term, temporary basis is it doesn't matter who is the owner of the vehicle to be insured, provided that the driver has the owner's permission to use it. You can therefore buy temporary cover to insure a car you are borrowing from a friend for a short time, or for lending your own car to someone else temporarily.

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